Cotravaux, réseau d’acteurs du travail volontaire

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Approved association for Youth and non-formal Education, Culture and Environment, Service Civique

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Cotravaux, national network of voluntary work organizations

Cotravaux is the national network of voluntary work organizations in France, created in 1959. Cotravaux gathers 19 national members organisations and a regional network, all involved in the voluntary work (workcamps, mid or long term voluntary services).

Our goal : to promote voluntary work and the actions run by its members.
Permanent place to discuss and to share experiences between associations (working groups on specific topics).

Main activities :

- To conduct networking between members and other NGOs platforms (in the fields of youth, voluntarism)
- To carry out studies and common actions
- To collect information and to manage a database, to produce statistics reports
- To organize seminars and trainings

2 specific missions :
- Voluntary services (Charts, follow-up of programs, …)
- Observo (observatory and database on the actions)

Main features of the actions in France and abroad :

- Short term duration : 2 to 3 weeks, up to one month
- Group of 10 to 20 volunteers with different nationalities – no allowances for the volunteers who pay their travel to the camp
- Work and collective life organized and shared by the group
- Various fields of interventions : restoring heritage, environmental protection, housing renovation, social and cultural activities
- Age : from 14 years old to ++

In each country, each organization is independent to organize practically its workcamps and welcome volunteers, to send volunteers abroad on other actions. This implies to meet regularly the foreign partners, mostly within the international platforms..

Each year, in France, almost 8.000 volunteers, coming from France and other countries, contribute to the 700 workcamps organised by Cotravaux members.
Over 3.500 volunteers, mainly young people, participate to many projects abroad.